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COVID-19 UPDATE: 01/03/21

Following the Prime Minister’s update on the 4-step exit plan out of the pandemic, we are planning to re-open on the 8th March for educational bookings (music lessons/exams), and then from 12th April for bookings that comply with the official DCMS guidelines, which say; 

"Rehearsals are permitted in a Covid-secure venue, such as a rehearsal studios, provided that they are for "working" band or individual whose work cannot be carried out at home.  By a "working" band it is understood this applies to both professionals and part-time professionals, provided they are meeting with the purpose of rehearsing towards potential or actual paid engagements.  The same applies to an individual musician who is unable to practice at home, and would need to use a rehearsal studio to keep their skills in order, for when they are able to return to live performance again."

We shall then extend the opening of the studios from 17th May in line with Step 3, which allows 6 people or 2 households to meet indoors, and then from 21 June with no restrictions.  We shall, of course, continue to ensure that the Studios remain clean and Covid-secure.  Please see our Covid-19 page for full details on the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe whilst at the Studios.  

If anything changes in the meantime we shall update our guidance accordingly, but we are very excited to start planning to re-open and stay open! Thanks to everyone for their continued support over the past year and we cannot wait to see you all back rehearsing again soon! 

Jack, Managing Director