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We offer very reasonable and competitive pricing options, with a dynamic discount structure.  Please see below for our pricing with examples of the amazing discounts you can benefit from.  If you have any questions, or would like to book an overnight session, please contact us directly.


0900 - 1300

From £10/ph


1400 - 1800

From £10/ph


1900 - 0000

From £10/ph


0000 - 0900


Studio Rates

We require all customers to make a minimum booking of 3hrs, and payment is to be made in full at the time of booking using our online booking tool. 


However, to sweeten the deal we have a dynamic discount structure - meaning the more time you book with us, the more money you save!

3 hours = £30 (Default Price) 

4 hours = £38 (5% Discount)

5 hours = £45 (10% Discount)

Equipment Hire

All of our studios come equipped with a basic backline, including drum kit and hardware (no cymbals), guitar cabs, bass cabs and 2x vocal microphones. Please note that guitar and bass amps/heads are NOT included as standard.


If you require any additional items for your booking, then please note that these are extra and will need to be added at the checkout (if not using your own):

Bass Amp = £2 per booking

Cymbal Set = £2 per booking 

Extra Mics = £2 per booking

Guitar Amp = £2 per booking 

We do not provide guitar picks/plectrums or drumsticks - all customers are required to bring their own. 

Laptop Typing


This calendar shows the current Studio bookings (may not display correctly on all mobile devices/tablets). 

Studio 1: GREY

Studio 2: RED

Studio 3: PURPLE

Studio 4: Currently not available to hire

Signing a Contract

Terms and Conditions

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