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We offer very reasonable and competitive pricing options, with a dynamic discount structure.  Please see below for our pricing with examples of the amazing discounts you can benefit from.  If you have any questions, please use the Contact page or click on 'Need help?' in the lower right corner.

Weekday daytime


£10 per hour

Minimum 3hrs

Weekday evening


£10 per hour

Minimum 3hrs




£10 per hour

Minimum 3hrs



Please contact us directly for booking, 48hrs notice required

With our dynamic discount structure, the more time you book with us, the more money you save - the discount % increases per hour:

3 hours: 5% discount

4 hours: 10% discount

5 hours: 15% discount

Here are a few examples of the savings you can get with us: 

3 hour weekday morning session (£30) - you pay £28.50, saving £1.50

4 hour weekday evening session (£40) - you pay £36.00,  saving £4.00

5 hour weekend booking (£50) - you pay £42.50, saving £7.50

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