Following the Prime Minister’s update on the 4-step exit plan out of the pandemic, we are planning to re-open on the 8th March for educational bookings (music lessons/exams), and then from 12th April for bookings that comply with the official DCMS guidelines, which say; 

"Rehearsals are permitted in a Covid-secure venue, such as a rehearsal studios, provided that they are for "working" band or individual whose work cannot be carried out at home.  By a "working" band it is understood this applies to both professionals and part-time professionals, provided they are meeting with the purpose of rehearsing towards potential or actual paid engagements.  The same applies to an individual musician who is unable to practice at home, and would need to use a rehearsal studio to keep their skills in order, for when they are able to return to live performance again."

We shall then extend the opening of the studios from 17th May in line with Step 3, which allows 6 people or 2 households to meet indoors, and then from 21 June with no restrictions.  We shall, of course, continue to ensure that the Studios remain clean and Covid-secure.  Please see our Covid-19 page for full details on the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe whilst at the Studios.  

If anything changes in the meantime we shall update our guidance accordingly, but we are very excited to start planning to re-open and stay open! Thanks to everyone for their continued support over the past year and we cannot wait to see you all back rehearsing again soon! 

Jack, Managing Director

Studio Rules

In order to open our studios safely, a number of very strict safety measures have been introduced.  These measures are essential in order to comply with the current government advice on making businesses "Covid-Secure" to protect our staff and our customers:

1. Symptoms



For the time being we shall waive all short notice cancellation fees, if due to COVID-19 being developed by anyone in your group.

2. Social Distancing

All customers and staff at the studios are required to observe and follow social distancing rules.  The Studios have been divided into zones using floor markers to make this easier and signage has been put up to remind customers of the requirements.  


Restrictions have also been placed on the number of occupants that can safely use each studio:

Studio 1 - Maximum of 5 occupants

Studio 2 - Maximum of 5 occupants

Studio 3 - Maximum of 3 occupants

Studio 4 - Maximum of 3 occupants

When entering/exiting the studios, we ask customers to continue to observe the social distancing regulations and be courteous to other customers who may be using the corridors at the same time

3. Studio Sanitisation


Hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes will be available in each room for customer use and we are kindly asking customers to wipe down any surfaces and equipment they have touched at the end of their session, ready for the next customers. We are also asking customers to do the following, wherever possible:

- Bring and use you own microphones.

- If this is not possible, the provided microphone shields MUST be used at all times.

- Bring and use your own cables.

- Take all rubbish with you.


4. Bookings

For the time being, a minimum booking length of 3 hours is required.  This will be charged at the day rate of £10 per hour for all bookings, no matter what time of day.

The Studios will be closed 1pm-2pm and 6pm-7pm each day, but if you would like to book an all-day session or an overnight session then please contact us directly.

5. Enforcement

Random spot-checks will be carried out by the Studio Manager. Should anyone using the studios be found in breach of the above, their session may be terminated immediately with no right to a refund. A ban from making future bookings may also be implemented at the discretion of the Studio Manager.

Should any sanitisation equipment be stolen by customers, a ban from making future bookings may be implemented at the discretion of the Studio Manager, as well as requiring the customer to cover the replacement cost for the item(s).

6. Risk Assessment

A COVID-19 risk assessment has been conducted and is available for customer viewing here:

For any further enquires about our approach to COVID-19, please contact us directly. We sincerely hope the measure above provide you with the reassurance to rehearse safely and we hope to see you back in the studios very soon!