All of our studios are the same price.

During this current phase of Lockdown & Social Distancing, our studios are only available for solo musician bookings

We also have a minimum booking time of 5 hours.

This allows us to ensure that we can sanitise each room after every clients booking.

We are currently unable to provide rooms for musicians gathering from multiple households.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact page or click on 'need help?' in the lower right corner.

With our dynamic discount structure, the more time you book with us, the more money you save - the discount % increases per hour.

Weekday daytime


£10 per hour

Minimum 5hrs

Weekday evening


£10 per hour

Minimum 5hrs





£10 per hour

Minimum 5hrs





Currently Unavailable due to sanitisation requirements

How our discount works:

2 hours: 3% discount

3 hours: 6% discount

4 hours: 9% discount

5 hours: 12% discount

6+ hours 27.5% discount

Here are a few examples of the savings you can get with us: 

2 hour weekday evening session (£30) - you pay £29.10

3 hour weekday evening session (£45) - you pay £42.30, saving £2.70

4 hour weekday evening session (£60) - you pay £54.60,  saving £5.40

Whole-day booking (£210) - you pay £152.25, saving £57.75