The Rhoom Studios – Studio 3

In the studio

Studio 3 is a customer-favourite, measuring 6.5m x 4.5m. It underwent a considerable renovation mid-2017 and is an ideal practice space for bands with 4 to 6 members. Is is open 24/7 so you can choose to rehearse when you feel most creative – CHECK AVAILABILITY HERE.

How does it sound?

Studio 3 has a controlled, natural sound. We chose to leave the timber beams of the ceiling exposed in order to help diffuse some of the natural floor-to-ceiling reflections. The walls have been treated with specialist acoustic wall diffusers, which help to break up natural echo in the room. Recently we installed a powerful real-time feedback eliminator – meaning you can control the PA system with ease without having to deal with screeching feedback, which can be a common problem in rehearsal studios.

Studio 3 is a very well balanced studio. It’s the preferred studio of choice for many of our customers including UK based Prog pioneers: TesseracT.

Tesseract in Studio 3 with their mountain of gear

Tesseract in Studio 3 with their mountain of gear

What’s in Studio 3?

Studio 3 comes equipped everything you’d expect from a music rehearsal room. We have a powerful floor-standing 3-way JBL PA system so that your vocals and keyboards have plenty of room in the mix. There’s two vocal microphones, XLR cables and three mic stands. A Mapex Meridian Birch drum kit in fusion sizes, with three cymbal stands, a hi-hat stand and a snare drum (you can hire cymbals for £1 per hour). Two 4×12 guitar cabs are in the Studio – Laney LV300 heads are available to hire at £2 per session so that you don’t need to bring your own amp. Finally, a powerful Ashdown MAG300 bass amp with a 4×10 Ashdown cab.

Note: We do occasionally switch equipment between the four Studios but the items listed above are typically found in Studio 3. 

Studio 3 - The Rhoom Studios

Studio 3 – The Rhoom Studios

Do I need to book in advance?

Studio 3 is popular during mid-week evenings. We recommend trying to book perhaps a week in advance to guarantee the session time you want. Please check the Studio calendar before placing a booking request.

History of Studio 3

In 2008, as the demand for reliable local rehearsal rooms increased, Studios 1 and 2 were regularly fully booked. We decided to set up another two studios to meet the growing demand.

Studio 3 was built in the summer of 2008. With Studios 3 and 4, we focussed on improving the level of sound isolation between the rooms. They were built completely separate from one another, and separate from the surrounding walls of the premises. This massively helped to reduce the sound vibrations carried between the rooms.

The first session in Studio 3 was the band TESSERACT who used it for a couple of days to record vocals for an early demo.