The Rhoom Studios – Studio 1

Studio 1, after 2017 renovation

In the studio

Studio 1 is the largest of the four studios, measuring 7.5m x 5.5m. Having undergone a huge renovation in 2017, it’s the ideal space for bands looking for extra leg-room in their rehearsals. If you have five or more band members and Studio 1 is available we’d recommend using this Studio.

You can also record your session for FREE in this studio using our Zoom L-12 desk.

How does it sound?

Studio 1 sounds big for the simple fact that musical instruments and amplifiers have more space and therefore, more available air to move. The drum kit sounds nice and punchy on the built-in stage, particularly the kick drum and floor tom. We’ve installed wall diffusers at key points around the room so you won’t have to deal with unwanted flutter and echo.

What’s in the studio?

Studio 1 comes equipped with just about everything you need for a rehearsal session. We have a powerful floor-standing 3-way JBL PA system so that your vocals and keyboards have plenty of room in the mix. There’s two vocal microphones, XLR cables and three mic stands. A Mapex Meridian Birch drum kit in fusion sizes, with three cymbal stands, a hi-hat stand and a snare drum (you can hire cymbals for £1 per hour). Two 4×12 guitar cabs are in the Studio – Laney LV300 heads are available to hire at £2 per session so that you don’t need to bring your own amp. Finally, a powerful Ashdown MAG600 bass amp with a 1×15 and 2×10 Ashdown cab.

Note: We do occasionally switch equipment between the four Studios but the items listed above are typically found in Studio 1. 

Studio 1 – The Rhoom Studios

Do I need to book in advance?

Studio 1 is a popular Studio. Mid-week evenings tend to be booked about a week in advance so we recommend checking the Studio calendar before placing a booking request.

History of Studio 1

The first building material arrive for Studio 1 – 12th January 2005. Left to right: Gareth Roberts, Jay Postones and Al Heslop.

Studio 1 was built in 2005 by seven friends who were looking for a place to set up their own practice space for their respective local bands: Arija and Flipcycle. Grange Farm had very recently converted its pig sty into two empty premises so we decided to rent one, gradually turning it into Studio 1 over a couple of months. Myself (Jay Postones) and my bandmate Gareth had our own studio in Wolverhampton at the time. We carefully deconstructed this studio in order to salvage the materials to build the long dividing wall in Studio 1.

For the first year or so it was used solely as a private practice room but as we met and became friends with local musicians and bands, a couple of others moved their equipment in, in order to help split the cost of rent.

Before long, there were a regular five or six bands using the space so I took over the responsibility for a booking calendar and the studio maintenance.

After a couple of years we started to build Studio 2. At first it was going to be a control room for. We wanted to record bands. Ultimately though, with our friends and band members finishing university and moving away to other towns, we chose not to make the investment and instead, I took over all of the financial aspects of the business. I decided to turn the half-built control room into a second rehearsal room – Studio 2.

Studio 1, some time in 2007. The original drum kit was my own Tama Rockstar kit.

Studio 1, some time in 2007. The original drum kit was my own Tama Rockstar kit.