Price list

All studios are the same price and come with full backline (detailed below).

If you’d like to book a session lasting two or more days, please call us on 07730 685295 and we’ll discuss the best rates and options for you.

Monday to Friday evenings from 6pm:

  • 1 hour – £15
  • 2 hours – £25 *weekday 8-10pm session peak time – £30
  • 3 hours – £35
  • Flexi session (access from 6pm, rehearse till you finish!) – £40
  • All day – £75

Saturday and Sunday:

  • £10 per hour

Weekday daytime (up to 6pm):

  • £5 per hour

Nocturnal sessions:

  • Midnight to 9am – £30
  • Or £5 per hour


Each studio comes equipped with the following backline which is free to use:

  • a Mapex Meridian birch drum kit (10″, 12″ tom and 14″ floor), 3x cymbal stands, kick pedal, hi hat stand, stool and snare drum (cymbals are £1 per hour if needed)
  • a powerful 1000w JBL floor-standing PA system 12 or 16 channel mixer
  • two microphones, XLR leads and stands (more are available)
  • two 4×12 guitar cabs (Laney guitar amps can be provided if requested)
  • a bass amp – we have a variety of Ashdown bass amps and combos. There is always a bass cab in each studio if you prefer to bring your own amp.


When we receive your request, you’ll be sent an email containing an invoice and instructions on how to pay for the session by debit/credit card, apple pay etc. We’re not set up to accept cash or cheque payments.