Fancy a cuppa?


We’ve just put complimentary tea and coffee making facilities into each studio. We wanted to open an on-site micro-pub but decided that no one would ever actually rehearse – so tea and coffee it is…(Read More)

We’ve finished the renovation work on Studios 1, 2 and 3. The big difference you’ll notice, other than fresh carpet, paint and additional lighting – are the diffusers on the walls. These really help to control the sound in the studio, absorbing and diffusing harsh frequencies. You will be able to achieve a much…(Read More)



Over the next two months we’re renovating all four Studios, starting with Studio 3, which has just had the finishing touches applied.   Having recently completed a home studio project, we’ve discovered a few new techniques to help control and improve room acoustics. We’ve installed sound diffusers throughout the room which tighten up…(Read More)

We have three brand new lock-ups available for any customers wishing to store their gear on-site. They’re available to hire for £35 per month and you’ll have 24/7 secure access. If you’d like to reserve one or arrange a visit to see one, please email us or call us…(Read More)

We have a few changes to announce. Firstly, from the beginning of February, Studios 1 and 2 will be taken over by Astra Music, providing music classroom space for music teachers. For more information about this click here. You will still be able book Studio 1 and 2 for evening / weekend rehersals. Secondly, moving forwards…(Read More)

Price reductions


We’ve decided to extend and improve your weekends – Friday evening sessions are now £10 per hour and Saturday sessions are £7.50 per hour. Does that sound good? We’ve also taken on a single Studio Manager who will be working on site Monday to Friday. We want you to have the best rehearsal…(Read More)